ARC Scratch Night

ARC Scratch Night

We kicked off the first of our scratch performances last Wednesday 11th at ARC, bringing Christmas a little early to Stockton. Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ll be heralding the start of the Christmas season in Washington at the Arts Centre on October 3rd, and at Newcastle at Northern Stage on October 9th.

Of course some people may not be as excited about the Christmas season as others…

At the moment our show follows Blue Shoes (played here by Victoria Holtom, above) as she tries her best to avoid the onslaught of Christmas nick-naks, movies, music and traditions.


Scarlett Pink singing ‘A Winter’s Tale’

After failing to avoid Christmas TV and putting up with Christmas hold music on the phone for hours, it’s safe to say Blue Shoes is well and truly sick of the festive season. It’s time to meet her dad:


Or one of them…

It’s time to introduce The Argos Dads!


We’ve all seen them. At the catalogues. Frantically flicking through the product bible, gripping one of those tiny pens in a sweaty hand whist squinting at the digital display and crying in fury as the ‘out of stock’ message comes up. It’s the best thing about Christmas shopping…

Anyway, the Argos dads reveal a Christmas tradition that spawned Blue Shoes’ nickname, much to her annoyance.

After calling in on Blue Shoes at work – where Christmas is not so much celebrated as enforced – we ended the show with some lovely snippets of Christmas experiences, to get the audience reminiscing on their own.


After us, we saw a scene from Meerkat Allison Davies’ new play ‘Weather to Fly’ by OddManOut, which will be touring venues across the North East, beginning with Live Theatre Newcastle on October 10th. Also, new theatre company Bandicoot showcased their innovative interactive theatre style by producing a piece made from interviews with the audience before the show started!

All in all, a fantastic night with some great theatre to look forward to and, as always, lots of fun!

Thanks to ARC for hosting us, and to everyone who came to see us and left feedback.

Special thanks to Jemima Siosalach for the photos.