The Magic Hour: Day One

The Magic Hour: Day One

On Saturday 8th June, the Meerkats had our first ever Development Day (or, in the style of Torchwood and/or 24: ‘Day One’) for our first ever production, The Magic Hour.  Here’s how we got on, and thanks to ARC Stockton for hosting us:

Day One begins. The Supplies are all in place

As all things Meerkat tend to do, the day started with homebaked treats – lemon drizzle from Meerkat Mhairi, cookies from Meerkat Louise and samosas from Meerkat Alli!

The first task. Present distribution!



As we’d decided to make a Christmas show for our first production, the four Meerkats brought each other some Christmas offerings to get ourselves in the festive spirit.

Meerkat Alli on lookout

Here’s Meerkat Alli on lookout – the blazing Stockton sunshine tried to throw us off our Christmas track but, after a wee sunbathe on the balcony of our meeting room, we were back to work.

Meerkat Louise trying out a monologue Meerkat Mhairi reads out her letter to Santa



The Meerkats took turns in the spotlight of the ARC’s Studio Theatre to read a series of festive monologues exploring our own feelings about Christmas – here’s Meerkats Louise and Mhairi taking to the stage.

Meerkat Nicola in the sun  Meerkats Alli and Nicola on the workshop balcony  Meerkats Nicola and Mhairi admire the view from our workshop room  Meerkats watch the sun


Here’s Meerkats Nicola, Alli and Mhairi surveying the Costa del Stockton – what a beautiful day to be taking the first steps on our Meerkat journey!

Meerkats working hard

Meerkats Alli and Nicola

The presents are going well so far...  The remains of a full days Meerkatting!


Thanks to the motivational effects of our Chocolate Orange Christmas offerings from Meerkat Mhairi, we managed to burn our way through a ton of Post-It notes as we explored as many different Christmas moments and memories we could think of. All in all, Meerkats Day One was a rip-roaring success! The Meerkats scampered off into the sunset with a heap of exciting Christmas writing tasks to complete before our next development day. Our first production is starting to take shape!